Thursday, June 10, 2010

And the winner is . . . . . .


Yeah, you! Caryn's final weight was 190 (with her starting weight of 209). She ended up with a 9.09 % weight loss!

Other exceptionals were Teri who lost 2.22% (180 to 176)
and Debbie with a 7.34% weight loss (218 to 202)

Thanks to everyone for playing along with me. I didn't do so well, finally just giving up in February. But, if anyone's interested I'll keep you updated on my latest endeavor of the hcg diet.

Keep up the good work and let us all know how it's going along the way.

Caryn, I'll get your money mailed off as soon as I get the address from you mother!

1 comment:

  1. Well I'm excited that all my work has paid off. I have been trying to stop eating by 8 at night and I try to only have junk food on the weekends. I spent a lot of time on Wii fit and now I'm in active classes. I hope we can all continue to meet our goals that we have set for ourselves.